Classic Sausages
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Product Description:
Polish Sausage: Coarse grind beef sausage with spices.
Knockwurst: Smooth grind beef with shorter and thicker size.
Beef Stix: Premium beef spicy snack stix slowly hickory smoked.
Cocktail Franks: Miniature premium beef hot dogs.
Bratwurst: "Oven browned," premium beef and hickory smoked.
Bologna: Slicing beef sausage with smooth grind.
Salami: Soft, spicy slicing beef sausage with coarser grind.
Serving Suggestions:
Grill Polish, Bratwurst or Knockwurst and serve with hot mustard on a steamed poppyseed bun.
Slice Salami or Bologna and offer on a deli tray, on a cold sandwich or grilled with cheese.
Cocktail Franks are great appetizers either wrapped in dough, served plain or simmered in BBQ sauce.

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