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Product Description:
Available Fresh or Frozen – Retail and Club Packs available in all sizes
David Berg hot dogs are made with fresh, high quality domestic beef cuts from internally controlled sources in our own manufacturing facilities.
David Berg premium beef franks continue to be seasoned according to our original secret recipe, favored by hot dog lovers since our beginning in 1860.
All David Berg hot dogs are fully cooked in hickory smoke houses.
Available in a variety of sizes to fit your foodservice needs.
Consumer Value:
Bite/Texture: Firm, pleasing bite against an often times soft mushy mouth feel from an emulsified product.
Taste: Flavorful, popular appeal to customer that has results in repeat purchases. Artificial, chemical smoke is used by much of the competition while we use natural hardwood.
Color: Full rich color and eye appeal against pale middle ground emulsified product.
Yield: We have a leaner more protein rich hot dog which doesn’t shrink or "grease out" like other product which doesn’t use bull meat or choice trimmings.
Typically, our 10/lb. product would have a yield equal to the competitions 9/lb. product. Because of the above listed characteristics, this allows a customer to use a smaller David Berg portion to achieve the same results as middle or low end competitive product.

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