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Product Description:
David Berg: Uses only fresh, domestic corn fed beef in our deli line of Pastrami, Roast Beef and Corned Beef.
Pastrami/Pepper Beef: Naturally hickory smoked, Pastrami briskets, eye rounds, flats and Turkey Breast Pastrami are cured and hand-rubbed with spices consisting of a light sweet blend of brown sugar (Romanian) or coriander and black pepper (New York).
Roast Beef: Top rounds, eye rounds and flats are specially seasoned with our own blend of spices then sealed and cooked in natural juices or dry roasted.
Corned Beef: Naturally cured, each Corned Beef flat, brisket or eye round is seasoned with our special brine for delicious taste and texture. Available cooked or pickled.
Serving Suggestions:
Slice thinly and arrange on a cold cut party platter.
Use on a deli sandwich-hot or cold with rye bread and mustard or horseradish.
Sell by the pound with a kosher pickle.
Cook your own pickled brisket or flat, adding a home cooked taste.

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